08 Proven Tips On How To Attract Robins To Your Yard?

Robin eating on bird feeder

How To Attract Robins To Your Yard?

Robins are one of the most social birds that have a lot of energy and they love to spend time in beautiful and vibrant gardens. Robins are known as one of the most popular birds in the environment and they attract people around them with their interesting songs.

Due to this, most bird watchers love to catch the attention of a local robin population and try to attract them in the yard. The birds have a very curious nature that helps you to sway them easily and you can attract them to your garden any time of the year.

If are trying to attract these beautiful creatures to your garden, read the given tips on how to win their heart.

How Many Types Of Robins Are In The US?

Like many other bird species, robins are also classified into different species. The American Robin is the most common type of robin found in North America. The species can be spotted throughout the country.

However, sometimes the birds travel towards Mexico but most of the time of the year, they spend time flying happily throughout the country from coast to coast and spend its days.

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Luckily, you can see a glimpse of the white-throated thrush or the Rufus-backed robin. However, the birds are seen mostly in Central America and Mexico but the birds also go to investigate the southern parts of the United States.

Robin eating insect

What Do Robins Love In Your Yard?

1. Fruits

Robins are fond of tasty meals, and fruits are especially favorite of the birds. You should offer them fruits but make sure to make pieces of fruits.

By doing this, the birds can easily consume them and also it saves their time while eating fruits. Hard fruits such as apples, pears, and plums are loved by robins. The birds also like good dried fruits.

2. Tray Feeder

Hunting is one of the favorite activities of robins. Consider using feeding trays instead of traditional feeders that the birds prefer and enjoy feeding in these feeders. Use a strong tray for the birds in which they can gather the food because the birds do not cling or peck the food it also catches their interest in effectively approaching the food.

The feeders should be placed in the ground because the birds spend most of their time in the ground while eating. It is also a comfortable approach for the birds while feeding.

Robin eating apple

3. Mealworms

During winters, insects are very rare to find this, mealworms are a special treat for the birds during this season. You can offer them a perfect delicious treat by offering baby mealworms in a tray that is also helpful for luring your feathered friends in your yard during the winter season. They also get delicious protein from mealworms and you will save their time on hunting.

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4. Keep Critters

You can offer your favorite food of robins through gardening if you are not very problematic about insects. Gardening can be defined as churning through dirt, thus it can provide you inevitably worms and beetles in the garden.

You can easily scoop up all the worms from the garden and serve them in a tray feeder for robins. Now, you can observe the reaction of the local robin population after finding a tray full of their favorite and tasty meal of worms offered to them.

5. Water/Pond

Water is essential for all the birds similarly robins also love water. However you can attract these beautiful birds by cool water where they can splash around and also be interested in dropping by for a sip, but you can consider having a true pond to catch their attention and attract the birds into the yard.

Robins build their nests using mud, thus you can help them by supplying good mud. The birds cover long distances to find good mud for building their nest, so you can attract them and catch their attention by providing them good mud even if they are not building near you.

Robins at bird bath

6. Privacy

The eggs of robins are known as one of the most beautiful eggs in the world but it is necessary to avoid temptation. If a robin builds its nest in your yard, ensure to leave the nest alone and in a secure place.

Birds take care of their nests very well and if you touched anything, they will know about it and feel unsafe, so it is a good idea to help them in feeling secure in your property to encourage them to stay. It will also help them to return for future seasons in your yard.

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7. Dead Grass

When you rake up the dead grass from your yard, don’t throw it out but offer it to the birds. The dried grass is used by robins to build their nest, so leave a pile of dried grass in your yard and help them in making the nest.

The birds snatch up the suitable pieces from the pile and use them. Providing nesting material to them might encourage them to build their nest nearby or on your property.

8. Small Trees

Twigs are used by robins to design their nests, so if you want to attract the birds and hang out, offer them the nesting materials that catch their attention. Robins love a little convenience and make their nest in such a design that is comfortable for them.

Thus to boost their interest and catch their attention, you can make their job easier. You can provide them with small trees and bushes from which they can get twigs to design their nests.

Twigs also help the birds to protect nests from breakage during colder seasons. If you do not have trees in your yard, you can also help them by leaving a pile of twigs.

Singing Robins

What Do Robins Eat?

The birds are very friendly and can be seen all around the year in the United States. The birds are fond of exploring local areas and spend most of their time in them. They search for the best place for themselves and then don’t like to leave.

During the breeding season, some robins travel north towards Canada while some others move to the south towards Mexico for winters.

Most of the birds can be seen lounging in their hangouts around the United States, thus it becomes easy for you to see these beautiful creatures and also to attract the birds in your garden.

How Do Robins Create Their Nest?

Robins make their nests in a very particular way and it is very easy to say why they do so by seeing their beautiful blue eggs. While making their nest, they use dried grass and twigs of a particular size and make a safe and stable nest.

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During the rainy season, they use mud to patch their nests and gather up good mud for that. However, it is quite interesting practice of robins but it takes a lot of time and effort. Robins are known to do a lot of hard work to make their nest best and most beautiful.

Do Robins Sing More At Night?

Robins love singing and have a passion for it. These little creatures do a great job and sing beautifully. Most of the time a male robin sings a song, and it can be assumed clearly while listening to a robin song.

The male robin tries to attract a perfect male by singing a song. To attract the local female population, the male robins look into a female and project a song to sing and attract them. The birds also use songs to show their territory to other robins and other birds.

However it is not necessary that at night, the birds sing more, but it is believed by scientists that there is a simple reason behind robin’s singing at night: it is quiet. In large cities the days are very noisy thus songs of robins don’t go very far, therefore, they do extra work at night to show off their songs.

Can Robins Eat Cheese?

Various birds have a love for different strange things and robins are known for their love for cheese. The birds are very passionate about cheese. However, you don’t offer them too much cheese but still, the birds consume hard and mild cheese from time to time.

You can easily attract these little creatures in your yard by offering them tiny bits of cheese and grated cheese in the feeder but ensure that don’t offer too much cheese to the birds.

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