08 Proven Tips On How To Attract Finches To Your Yard

Zebra Finch

Finches are known as one of the most common and recognizable birds throughout the world. The birds are very small with vibrant colored bodies that are native to most countries. Finches are usually social birds when they do not fly, they sing from the trees.

The birds like to live in groups and enjoy company of each other. The birds show their affection by displaying some signs and when they get a chance, the birds like to show off their aerial skills as the birds are great flyers.

Many birdwatchers love to welcome these small creatures in their yard and they find more ways to attract finches in the yard. It is very funny to watch finches and they also play a significant role in weed control thus providing an appreciated service in landscaping.

The birds are known for their high standards and spotless taste. Thus, if you are trying to attract finches in your yard, you may consider preparing a dance or song to catch the attention of these fun-loving animals. However, the birds are very social and like hanging out with friends but finches can be picky eaters.

You should take extra time to ensure cleaning the feeder and offer them fresh feed to welcome a finch to hang out in the garden and to make the right design choices. If finches find a comfortable place to hang out, they choose it happily.

You can use some tricks and ways to attract these beautiful finches to your yard, year-round. In this article, we are discussing some ways to attract finches in your yard.

How To Attract Finches?


1. Clean Feeders

Finches do not complete their food usually, which is one unique feature of finches. Like a cat, finches also complete only half of the food before demanding to refill the feeder. Finches eat various types of seeds and the birds are not very finicky about their food.

We will discuss this later. The birds prefer clean feeders to eat so ensure that the feeders should be clean. If you have an old feeder, which is not filled with fresh seeds, probably the birds will not prefer to consume from the feeder.

Squeeze them to check if the seeds are fresh or not and if the seeds are not filled with grease or oil, fill fresh seeds in the feeder. You should clean the feeders at least once per day to welcome these feathered friends in your yard.

2. Seeding Flowers

Seeds are a favorite food of finches. If they find fresh seeds in the feeder, they happily visit there and feed on them. You can offer them more fresh seeds by planting these plants in your yard.

Finches love sunflower seeds so, planting more sunflower plants in your yard will help you definitely and it also helps finches to get fresh seeds.

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You can also consider planting colorful plants in your garden to attract finches because the birds get attracted to bright colors and planting colorful flowering plants in your yard also helps you in attracting other feathered guests in your garden.

You can decorate your yard with colorful ribbons and other decoratives that increase the chances of welcoming finches.

Red Finches eating bird seed

3. Correct Seeds

As discussed earlier, finches only feed on fresh seeds and they do not get enough seeds usually. For survival, the birds eat fruits, leaves, nuts, and seeds. As the birds are not very picky, they have some preferences for choosing their meals.

The birds prefer black oily seeds such as sunflower seeds and Nyjer because they assume with their darker color that the seeds are fresh. The little songbirds do not attract pale and earthy seeds and search for fresh seeds for themselves.

If you have placed seeds in the feeder and finches have not been eaten, make sure to replace the seeds at least once a week.

Make sure that finches usually do not consume the seeds completely and eat only half of them so don’t refill fresh seeds with leftover ones and clean the feeder before filling it. You can also consider freezing seeds to keep them fresh for a longer period.

4. Safe Areas

If you placed your feeder in a large open area, the finches might feel vulnerable while eating seeds because of their small size. The birds cannot protect themselves while eating therefore the feeder should be placed in such a place where the birds can feel safe.

However, it is not necessary to make your yard in an extremely safe place and go to great extremes for this but you can install your feeder in a shaded and protected area. Don’t install your tube feeder in an open area where they could not get a place for hiding. Installing the feeder in a safe place will give you results in no time.

Finches taking bath in backyard bird bath

5. Clean Water Bath

Like many other birds, finches also require clean water for drinking and bathing. The birds not only drink water but also take baths thus you should provide them clean water in the yard.

Generally, finches do not drink water that they have used for bath, so change the water regularly and fill the water bath with clean water. Clean the water bath regularly at least once a week and consider filling it with clean water at least once per day.

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6. Thistle and Tall Grass

Like many other birds, finches also build their nests, and if you want them in your yard and trying to convince them. You can offer the essential tools for nesting to make your yard a constant stop for the birds. However, they might not make their nest in your yard, but you can encourage them to make their stop on your property by offering them tools and snacks.

7. Tube Feeder

Finches are wild birds and prefer wild seeds. The birds like perching while eating their tasty meals. You can encourage them for visiting your yard by finding a suitable feeder for them. A comfortable feeder helps the birds in eating in wild and makes them more comfortable dropping by for an evening.

You can consider using tube feeders for the birds as the birds can easily cling to the side of the feeder. Finches can easily grab the feeder and snatch the food that you have prepared for them such as seeds or nuts. You can also decorate your feeder with flowers.

You can consider planting a bunch of flowers and also use some other creative ways to make the feeder attractive. Using creative ways helps you to attract finches if you do not have flowers and in this way, you do not have to wait for the next flowering season to attract finches to your property.

If you want to welcome finches in a short time by using some decorative things, you can consider strings, ribbon, or other vibrant colored designed items to convince the birds to land.

8. Feeder Spacing

It is a great idea to install more than one feeder in your yard if you looking to catch the attention of finches. This may encourage finches to bring their friends. When the birds land in your yard, they require a comfortable place while feeding to enjoy their treat and rest and you also want to provide them space to hang out.

American Goldfinch

Do Finches Migrate?

Some species or finches go for migration while some stay in an area year-round. However, the answer is very cryptic for a simple question. Some finches can migrate but most of the time they don’t. Finches are considered resident birds that live in an area throughout the year.

You can observe them frequently in the winters as you will in the summers. Some birds are migratory and their migratory habits depend on their location in the world. According to some documents, western finches live happily at home during the winter season, while eastern finches migrate towards the south during winters.

However, a few cases are when western finches migrate to lower elevations to evade cold but it is not common for these birds and they rarely cover large distances.

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Eastern counterparts of the birds can be seen covering thousands of miles during migration and moving towards a warmer climate. Their migratory pattern also depends upon the availability of food sources.

As the feeds usually feed on seeds and do not prefer insects and bugs, thus they don’t like any change in their diet. However, they can change the types of seeds, and luckily they can find any nuts and berries that grow during winters.

Why Are Finches Known To Die Suddenly?

There are many reasons for the sudden death of finches such as the birds are wild naturally and kept as pets. Several illnesses and fear can be also attributed to a reason for their death because the birds are very nervous and if startled, they can get severe damage.

Many respiratory problems can affect these small birds. The birds require a lot of energy for their everyday activities, thus they do not have much fighting off protection. The drastic and sudden change in the weather is the biggest cause of respiratory diseases in finches.

The small bird gets affected by a sudden drop in temperature by affecting the immune system of these small creatures. As most of the energy of these birds is used in their daily activities, they can’t protect themselves from health problems. Another reason for their sudden death is fright.

The birds can suffer a heart attack if they are startled at night. If you have a finch as a pet or you are trying to welcome them to your property, be extremely careful with them because sudden death is a common problem with finches.

Where Can You Find Finches?

Finches are native to many places of the world. You can find them in various places around the United States, where many places are popular for their finch population of certain types.

For instance, you can find the house finch commonly in many states, and recently it is introduced in Hawaii and some eastern states. Goldfinches are common in most states of North America and it also has a European variation.

How Many Species of Finches Are There?

Worldwide, finches are classified into 183 different species. Charles Darwin studied different species of finches found on the Galapagos Island for the slight differences between various species.

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The goldfinches, purple finch, pine finch, and Zebra finch are some popular species of finches but the birds have a variety of forms that are distributed all over the world. You can see them taking flight around the globe almost everywhere.

Finches at bird feeder

Why Do Finches Have Different Beaks?

The beaks of these birds depend upon their diet, thus the birds have different beaks from one type to the next. Based on their location, the birds have different diets that cause to evolve their beaks as well that cause different beaks of various species of finches. It is an adaptation of these small birds, which helps them to easily access, obtain, and eat their food comfortably.

What Do Finches Eat in Winter?

Can they eat millet? Regardless of the season, finches prefer their favorite seed types. However, they prefer fresh black seeds, especially nyjer seeds and black sunflower seeds.

You can win them over during the colder season by providing them with these seeds in a suitable feeder. The birds also consume millet, which is beneficial for them thus it is a good option to offer millets to the birds.

How Do Finches Make Their Nests?

However, the birds are known to be very particular for their preferences but finches are known to be very resourceful while making nests. They use any available thing around them and build their nest, but the birds prefer such things that they can easily obtain from thistle plants.

Some plant varieties such as cottonwood, milkweed, and cottontails are favorites of finches. You can consider planting these plant species in your yard to encourage them to drop by.

You can also add a cavity in the garden to help them while building a nest because the birds search for an existing cavity, the artificial cavity for making a nest.

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