11 Tips On How To Attract Birds To Your Yard Very Fast

How To Attract Birds To Your Yard Fast

How to attract Birds to your yard very fast?

With hundreds of bird species easy to spot locally, many backyard bird watchers become frustrated when only a few common backyard birds regularly visit their feeders. Fortunately, it is easy to attract new birds to your backyard by offering what they need most: food, water, shelter, and nesting sites. When trying to attract birds to your backyard try to create a habitat that serves bird’s basic needs is essential.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide all basic needs and make a welcoming environment to attract colorful birds in your yard. The birds are attracted by providing them food, water, and shelter but besides these, some other factors are also considered.

When we consider their physiological needs that are necessary for their survival, birds also look for a safe location to build their nests. Sometimes, they can be social also. Here are some tips, which should be followed to welcome birds in your yard-

How To Attract Birds To Your Yard Fast

Feature To Attract Birds

FoodsWaterShelterNesting Sites
  • New seeds
  • Suet
  • Nuts
  • Fruit
  • Kitchen scraps
  • Nectar
  • Natural foods
  • Moving water
  • Multiple water sources
  • Winter water
  • Landscaping
  • Brush pile
  • Roost boxes
  • Birdhouses
  • Birdhouse safety
  • Nesting material

i. Create a bird feeding station

A bird feeding station is one of the most important and basic needs for welcoming colorful birds into your yard. It is not enough to install a single bird feeder sometimes, instead, you may think about installing a bird feeding station with several feeders.

If you install a bird feeder having different types of feeders, it may give you the benefit of choice because different species of birds prefer one feeder style over another. For instance, some birds are ground feeders such as Cardinals, Juncos, and blue Jays that will prefer a sturdy hopper, on the other hand, finches and nuthatches will gravitate and prefer cylindrical feeders.

How To Attract Birds To Your Yard Fast

A person should consider placing the feeding station in such a place where he can see it year-round and the place also should be safest for birds. The feeding station should match different levels of feeding preferred by different species of birds.

You should start making your feeding station by adding at least 3 or 4 feeders. The feeders should be of different varieties so that different species will get attracted to your yard. The number of birds arriving in your yard will depend on the number of feeders you have in your yard.

ii. Tempt with the right treats

If you have different types of feeders in your yard, you are on the right way to attract birds in the yard. The birds should be attracted with the right treatment and by completing their needs and providing them the safest shelter, which is an excellent step.

Different species of birds feed on different materials, so you can entice them by providing a choice and also by helping them in getting the proper nutrition so that they can stay healthy. Often beginners make some common and bad mistakes such as they buy cheap food or generic low-quality feed, which is easily available in hardware stores and grocery shops.

While these mistakes may affect the health of birds so you should help the birds stay healthy by buying quality products and investing in feeds that accomplish their nutritional needs. You can begin by providing black oil sunflower seeds that help you in attracting a variety of birds, especially songbirds such as Blue Jays, Cardinals, Grosbeaks, and chickadees.

You can also offer them different types of seeds and berries, which will attract a wide variety of wild birds. Several species such as nuthatches and finches may get attracted by small seeds including nyjer or millet. These species love these small seeds more than sunflower seeds.

Another excellent choice to attract birds is suet cakes. Suet cakes are perfect for those species that require high-energy foo, which can be digested easily by several bird species including woodpeckers, chickadees, and wrens. Some species also prefer other treats including peanuts, nuts, and nectar. So, you can attract a wide variety of birds by pairing each with the proper feeder.

How To Attract Birds To Your Yard Fast
iii. The Location of the feeder is the key

The location of the bird feeder acts as a key to attracting a wide variety of birds to your yard. Different behavior is displayed by different birds when it comes to visiting feeders. It is preferred by some bird species to swoop in from across the yard that makes a clear shot of birds right to their perch while other species prefer to be put off by a feeder which is too exposed.

A person should try to place his feeders in different locations so that birds with different preferences can appeal to them. For example, some birds such as Cardinals are known as very shy species that need any form of natural cover.

To attract these species in the yard, try to place some feeders near a shrub or bush, which provides them protection. The feeder should be placed at a significant height from the ground so that cats or other predators cannot hunt the birds.

It is also considering the point that some birds can become territorial about feeders. You should place feeders at least 3 to 4 feet apart to combat this behavior and to provide space to the birds they need. When the birds feel safer while visiting your feeder, the chances of their coming back increase.

To provide a place for the birds to rest, perch, and sit while eating so that they feel safer and more comfortable.

bird bath-how to attract birds
iv. Install a birdbath

All bird species need water for survival, so installing a birdbath in your yard will attract more birds to your yard. You can start with a basic birdbath, which can be further upgraded, and adding water features is a sure way to attract more birds.

For example, you can install a solar birdbath. Most wild species attract to the sound of moving water and they come to investigate from great distances.

It is very simple to add movement to a stationary birdbath. It can be compared with installing a dripper or circulating pump. You can also consider adding other features in the birdbath if you have enough resources, such as you can build a waterfall or pond, which may attract more birds in your yard.

If you place a single water bath, it may become crowded, so make more than one water bath or water source in the yard. It will help a wide variety of birds to appeal to the yard and you can also make different water environments such as static, moving, and misting.

Bird House-how to attract birds 1
v. Seek attention with bright colors

Birds tend to attract towards bright colors, so if you offer them a variety of colors, they may get attracted towards your yard. Birds are also one of the animals like humans and other species so, in a variety of ways, they rely on colors. Color can play a significant role in a bird’s existence from hiding from predators to attracting a mate.

You can add specific colors in your yard to attract a wide variety of birds. The red color is especially known for attracting birds and many feeders also come in red color to catch the eyes of birds. Orioles and Goldfinches love yellow and orange colors.

The birds also tend to get attracted by their color, so if you incorporate an ant blue item in your yard, it will attract Blue Jays and other bluebirds. A variety of ways are also used to attract birds such as installing bird feeders, houses, and planting natural vibrant shrubs and flower varieties also help in attracting birds.

The colors associated with the foods they eat always attract the birds. So you can plant native trees and plant species in your garden, which entice birds and also provide an environmental wonderland for your birds.

bird house-how to attract birds
vi. Install a birdhouse

Installing shelter is most important for birds to feel safe and make their yard. The shelter provides a safe and reliable home for birds and of course, different species have different preferences for shelter depending on the species. Sparrows, chickadees, and bluebirds are the most common species that occupy birdhouses.

However, some species use birdhouses so make sure to choose the size and type of birdhouse that depends on the type of bird species you are trying to attract. In general, small houses are preferred by small birds while large bird species use large houses.

You have to make an 8-inch tall house with 4 by 6 with a 5-inch base for small size birds and large size, you need a house as large as 24 inches tall with a 10 by the 10-inch base. A person should follow the above regarding size for specific birds, which you want to attract.

At last, the location for installing a birdhouse is also very important. You should install your birdhouse in a safe location, which is high enough from the ground and can attract birds to provide a safe home.

vii. Encourage nesting in your yard

You can encourage birds to build a nest and raise their family in your yard in a variety of ways. Many birds do not use birdhouses and prefer to build their own nest so there are several ways to encourage them for making nests in the yard.

You can offer them constructing materials such as string, pet fur, hair, and yarn to help them in constructing their nest and making your yard attractive.

Many bird species use the above materials to help in building a nest while other use natural offerings find around your yard. The birds use weed fluff from dead flowers, grass clippings, and brush piles to construct their nest.

bird nesting-how to attract birds

Lack of adequate shelter and nesting sites is emerging as a threat for birds, so you can help by planting native plants, trees, and flowers in your garden. These plants are more specifically adapted to the weather of the area and provide a natural nesting site that attracts birds into the yard.

viii. Install a perching stick

Perching site is very important for birds because they need a place to sit, rest, and preen in the yard. You can install a perching site in your yard if there is not any natural structure such as trees, shrubs, bushes are present in the yard.

The birds find a safer place to rest by installing a perching site. Installation of the perching site provides a spot for birds to preen their feathers, take a break from their migratory activities, and for resting. The perching sites are also used by birds to scan the area and assess danger, and also use for deciding their safety at the feeder.

perching stick-how to attract birds

The perching sticks can be used in such areas where native trees or bushes are not available. The sticks should not be placed too close to feeders so that predators cannot take unnecessary advantage of them. A variety of materials can be used to make perches such as old branches or other natural things.

You can also install a perching stick to capture a great image by installing it in the perfect environment. While determining the location, materials, and size of the perching stick, also consider the above things.

ix. Create a bird-friendly landscape

The creation of a bird-friendly landscape is perhaps the best way for attracting birds. You can create a bird-friendly landscape to attract the birds and for their enjoyment. You can plant trees, bushes, and flowers in your yard that will fulfill their basic needs and also create a natural habitat for them.

Birds do not like to visit an empty yard, so you can make changes in the design and convert it into a place that fulfills their needs and also provide them a lot of enjoyment.

Bird sitting on backyard plant

You can plant more trees and shrubs in your garden to make it dense and covered. Grow grasses and flowers in the unused part of the garden and if you are facing the problem of space or insufficient resources, you can attract birds by preparing a container garden.

Native plants can survive easily and also adapt to the local environment thus they are more beneficial. You should select mixed species, which provide you best variety in terms of offerings in yard and container gardens.

x. Squirrel-proof your bird feeders

Squirrels are a major threat and are considered pests by birdwatchers. Squirrels are known for their behavior of stealing bird seeds and making a challenge for backyard bird watchers with their athletic ability. You can follow some strategies to squirrel-proof your feeders. There are many squirrel proofing options are available in the market.

Squirrel proof bird feeders

You can put a barrier like a wire mesh and also use weight-balance to throw the squirrels off. Installing a baffle in the feeder pole is also a good option and you can also use some homemade remedies like bacon grease to avoid them.

However, this method is somewhat rudimentary but it can entertain you while watching the squirrels when they try to find out that why they are slowly sliding back down. The feeding location has also an important role in this process.

xi. Keep your feeders clean

You should always keep the feeders clean if you want to attract your feathered friends. Birds tend to avoid dirty or meshed feeders, so you should regularly clean the feeders. Cleaning feeders also reduce the chances of the spread of harmful diseases and parasites. Unattractive feeders or moist, moldy, and wet seeds placed in the feeder will be avoided by birds.

You can use a mild mixture of dish shop or dilute bleach and warm water to clean the feeders properly. Always clean spilled seeds underneath feeders or any area to protect bids from harmful diseases and parasites and also to attract birds in your yard.

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