10 Proven Tips On How To Attract Birds To Your Birdbath

How To Attract Birds To Your Birdbath

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How To Attract Birds To Your Birdbath? All You Need To Know

You will take a long time to attract birds to your birdbath after installing the birdbath for the first time. It will require a lot of patience and skill. For example, attracting birds to the birdbath is very easy but they are very shy during initial visits.

In this article, we will share some important tips to attract birds to your birdbath. But make sure patience is most important for this task. Here are some tips-

How To Attract Birds To Your Birdbath

i. Tempt with moving water

Birds love the running water sources. They cannot resist the sound of water, thus if you are planning to attract the birds in your birdbath, you should consider a dripping water source. Use of sprayer of a commercial dripper is best for this purpose.

However, you can simply recycle a plastic container or bucket for this purpose. You can install a fountain in your backyard garden, which is a great addition for you. You can also choose solar fountains for this purpose because they do not need bothersome extensive cords.

A cool fountain or a water pump also works well. The weight of solar fountains is not very heavy thus, they are very easy to move from their place. Examples are SOONHUA Solar Panel Water Floating Fountain Kit, Ankway Solar Bird Bath Fountain, and Bird Bath Fountain Pump, which can be considered for installing in the garden.

How To Attract Birds To Your Birdbath

ii. Create a private ‘hot tub’

Birds prefer the birdbaths all year round. It is very important to keep the bird baths ice-free and also very critical. The birdbaths should be made with physiological mechanisms by which they can conserve water from snow and dripping.

You can also use a plastic bowl to provide water to birds, which is the simplest way. Now, thermostatically controlled heated bird baths are also available in the market that is offered by manufacturers. Immersion heaters are also easily available.

Most of the heaters automatically plug off, when the water dries but the immersion heater is ideal for plugging with ground fault interrupter circuits because it protects from electric shocks. The birds and other animals can cause harm from anti-freezing all the time because it is poisonous.

The feathers get saturated due to glycerine that causes hypothermia. You should check the quality of the birdbath while purchasing a new one and buy the one which is the best value for the price. The birdbath should be thermostat controlled and the style should be according to your space.

How To Attract Birds To Your Birdbath
iii. The right location is the key

Most bird species prefer birdbaths placed in the ground because they generally get water from nature. However, placing birdbaths in the ground may increase the chances of predation and makes them vulnerable to ground predators.

You should also keep away your pet cat from your birdbath to protect birds. However, for other dangers, you should keep the birdbath far from the nearest shrubbery so that birds can escape from any danger of predation.

The water helps birds to stay cool along with used for cleaning, so the location of your birdbath should be a cool and shady place. They also use tree branches located nearby for preening.

The location of the birdbath should be a partially or completely shaded area, where the water will remain fresh, cool, and clean and the birds can protect them from potential predators.

How To Attract Birds To Your Birdbath
iv. Choose the right material

For almost all the backyards, traditional concrete is the best material for creating a birdbath. However, you can choose some other better alternatives that have more advantages for making your birdbath, which is available in the market.

The concrete can be used to make beautiful bird baths but these baths cannot resist cold and can crack after freezing. These birdbaths are also not easy to clean.

However, the birdbaths made in-ground is preferred by birds, but you cannot make the birdbath in the ground always for many reasons. So, in this situation, you can choose a plastic birdbath, which is a suitable option and alternative for concrete birdbaths.

The plastic birdbath can be cleaned easily and doesn’t break when frozen during winters. Several plastic birdbaths are available on Amazon that comes with preheating facility and can be clamped to your deck.

How To Attract Birds To Your Birdbath
v. Encourage perching

Perching spots are necessary for birds. Some deep birdbaths are not much suitable for small bird species such as songbirds. For minute species, you should consider the bath of an inch or two in size.

You can add some rocks in the middle of the edges of your birdbath if you have already purchased a deeper birdbath. It can be used by a bird as a preening and splashing place. You can also add some stones and branches in your bath that help the birds in drinking water safely during winters or freezing temperatures without getting wet.

The rocks placed at the bottom also provide a place for standing while bathing. You can also provide a better footing to the birds by lining your basin with some large stones. This helps the birds to feel less vulnerable.

You can use glazed ceramic for the lining of bath basins, it provides a beautiful look but is also very slippery. So you should check the surface first and its slipperiness. You can make it safer by adding some gravel stones and also using bird feeders as a perfect perching spot for the birds.

How To Attract Birds To Your Birdbath
vi. Keep the depth reasonable

The depth of the birdbath should be reasonable. Make it as a shallow bowl, which could be a perfect and standard birdbath. The depth of an ideal birdbath should be around 0.5 to a 1-inch deep and the edges should be around 2 inches in the middle.

The birdbath should be low and shallow to the ground so that birds prefer it. The suitable birdbath is around 2 inches deep and not more than it is in the middle of the bath basin.

You should place some rocks, sand, and stones in the middle of the birdbath, it will provide a platform for the birds where they can stand and clean their body.

How To Attract Birds To Your Birdbath
vii. Keep the bath out during the ‘rush hour’

During migration times, when the activities increase, you can place your birdbath out. Birds prefer birdbaths all year round particularly during the migration period, so this period is best for spotting and seeing some unique bird species.

Many birds don’t attract bird seeds and suet but all the bird species need water so birdbath can attract them. A birdbath can be used to attract even lure birds such as buntings, warblers, and tanagers. Birds move very frequently when the migration period is at its peak.

So during this time, many of the finest and unique birds may visit your yard for water. It is guaranteed that a birdbath increases the activity of birds in your yard. So placing a birdbath alongside your home and also along your bird feeder attracts more birds in your yard.

How To Attract Birds To Your Birdbath
viii. Keep your birdbath clean

During the peak of winters, bird activity surely increases. Keep your birdbath full during this time and also provide them safety and hygienic environment while bathing and drinking water from your water source.

You should replace the water from a birdbath with fresh water. Almost, birds leave feathers and dirty droppings after bathing that will make your birdbath unclean and dirty, so clean the feathers and other substances regularly.

If your birdbath remains unclean or unsanitary regularly, it may increase the growth of algae and mosquito species in your yard, which will transmit diseases and viruses in your garden. You can eliminate the possibility of growing viruses and mosquito larvae to hatch by cleaning the birdbath and surrounding area regularly.

Regularly clean the birdbath and keep the feathers, leaves, insects, and other stuff from the birdbath. Fresh water and a clean birdbath will be loved by birds from more than anything in the world.

How To Attract Birds To Your Birdbath
ix. Create a bird-friendly landscape

Plants are loved by birds so you can create a beautiful landscape by planting plants in your yard. The bittersweet orange berries are loved by more than a dozen bird species. Birds feed on their seeds and also get shelter in the trees of orange berries.

Another perfect option is the American Cranberry bush Viburnum that produces a lot of tart red berries. The berries are eaten by most bird species and the plant also provides shade to your pets.

Virginia creeper, aster, sunflowers, Black-eyed Susan, marigold, and some other plants are best to attract various songbirds in your yard.

x. Keep your water fresh

Always try to keep the birdbath clean and fill it with clean and fresh water. This way helps you to attract several feathered friends in your yard. You should include cleaning birdbath and water changing routine in your daily yard duties.

With this simple act, you can make your space more appealing and beautiful for many beautiful birds. Like humans, clean and fresh water is essential for birds to clean themselves and bath, brink water.

Most birds drink water and clean off the parasites and their plumage by bathing daily. You should fill the birdbath with fresh water daily, which ensures that you have cleaned the dirt properly that reduces any risk of contamination of infectious diseases.

Birds are always attracted to fresh and clean water so, by this trick, you can attract a large number of birds in your yard.

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