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Birds are widely distributed all over the world. They have several species, which can be found in several habitats and natural conditions and distributed widely. The sky is another specific habitat for birds that are one of the most thriving groups of animals on the planet. All the birds have distinguishing features such as they contain sharp, pointed beaks thin legs and their body is converted by wings and feathers, these characters separate them from other organisms such as animals.

However, most of the birds can fly and have feathers but some species are flightless. Their wings help them for balancing but not in flying. Some other species, such as penguins swim in the water by using their wings. Generally, the food of birds may contain numerous substances. They are omnivorous animals and eat whatever they can get. Insects and plant products including fruits, nuts, and berries are the primary food sources of most species.

The wingspan of birds varies from 9cm to 300 cm and is commonly found in forests and shrubland that are closer to water. Several species of birds, wild dogs, and foxes are the main predators of birds. Birds consist of some distinctive features such as their beak, feathered body, and light-colored body. Most of the birds are found in brown, grey, yellow, red, blue, black, white, orange, and pink colors. The weight of birds varies from 0.002 kg to 130 kg. Like other animals groups including reptiles and fishes, birds also lay an egg. It is also a distinctive fact about them is the way of laying eggs is similar. To lay an egg, birds build their nests in trees, tree cavities, or sometimes on the ground.

Different types of birds. At present earth consist of approximately 10,000 species of birds. They are further classified into various genera and species. Their habitat, diet, distribution are some basis of classification are some basic classification of birds. Some common bird species, which are easily seen and most of us are easily seen and most of us are familiar with them are as follows-

1. Owl: owl has almost 200 different species the bird species can be found almost everywhere however Polar Regions are the exception. Owls usually hunt at night and they are solitary animals.

2. Parrot: Cockatoos and other parrot species are also very colorful bird species. Parrot generally found in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Parrot are classified into around 400 different species. Unfortunately about one-third population of is threatened by extinction.

3. Finches: finches are also known as perching birds or passerine. They how distinguished features like their toe arrangement finches found in a wide range of habitat. They are not migratory birds like others and also live in their range even during winters.

4. Falcons: Genus Falco consists of around 40 different species. Falcons are very famous for their vision and speed and are also known for prey. Currently, the Peregrine falcon is species that can reach up to almost 200 miles per hour.

5. Herons: Other freshwater and coastal birds include herons which are long-legged animals. The birds feed on aquatic prey species decreasing rapidly in wild due to habitat destruction and pollution.

6. Penguins: Penguins are widely distributed in the southern hemisphere of the world. They are widely distributed in the areas of Antarctica and also made several adaptations to survive in oceans and colder regions thus they spend most of their life in the sea.

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