07 Proven Tips On How To Attract Birds To Your Balcony

Bird at the balcony

How To Attract Birds To Your Balcony?

Choosing the correct feeder is the best way for attracting birds to your balcony. You can use balcony rail, suction, and tray feeder to provide them food for more effective results. The area of your balcony is not as large as your yard, so the birds get the same home comforts in your balcony.

If you want to make your balcony a comfortable place for many birds, you should consider offering them plenty of food, shelter, perches, and bird boxes. You can get many benefits of living in an urban environment.

Often people living in the urban area live near shops and attractions, therefore the life of urban areas is enticing for many people. However, if you are a resident of an urban area it means that you do have not much space as compared to the life of a rural area.

It can be relatively difficult to attract birds in urban areas because the birds do not like many man-made infrastructures that make the areas less appealing for most birds to visit in highly populated areas, which is one of the downsides of urban life and a little disappointing for bird lovers.

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot attract birds because you live in urban areas. You can attract many birds to your balcony by following some important tips. In this article, you will get some tips on how to attract birds to your balcony or urban garden.

Bird eating the hanging birdfeeder at balcony

1. Appropriate Bird Feeder

Choosing a suitable bird feeder for your garden is the best way to attract birds. You can buy a bird feeder from the nearest market or store and can also get choices among them. Buy a conventional feeder for the balcony or you can also consider using some specialist feeders for urban areas.

There are many articles in which you can read more about conventional feeders. Generally, there are three types of bird feeders that bird watchers recommend for balconies: Balcony rail feeders.

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These feeders are particularly designed for balconies thus they can be clamped onto the barrier of the balcony. These feeders are very convenient and can be used efficiently by hanging on the rails safely.

In urban areas, high winds are usually an issue that can cause damage to your feeder. Hanging bird feeders will ensure the safety of the feeders by preventing them from falling.

i. Suction Feeders

These feeders have many suction cups that help you to place these feeders onto your windows or any other glass surfaces on the balcony. Suction feeders provide a good chance for a picture there the feeders are best for watching birds from close.

Suction feeders are also used to reduce birds from crashing into windows because these feeders are placed in the window and thus they minimize the reflection of the sky often emitted from windows.

You can consider using suction feeders if you are facing the problem of birds crashing into your windows. Like rail feeders, suction feeders are also useful for the efficient use of the balcony. The feeders are not much susceptible to winds, unlike many other hanging feeders.

Consider placing a suction feeder in a place where the surface is below them. Ensure that the suction feeders can fall into the street if they are losing their grip over time.

ii. Tray Feeders

These feeders are very comfortable for placing any type of food in the feeder easily. Using a tray feeder is also useful for preventing too much mesh because they have less amount of debris falling to the ground which helps you to keep the balcony clean.

Tray feeders are also very easy to clean due to their single large surface. However, these feeders can also attract larger birds such as crows and gulls in the balcony which may be a downside of these feeders.

2. Play Bird Recordings

However, this suggestion is not for using regularly but it can help if you are initially trying to attract birds in your garden. But don’t play bird recordings in the balcony when some birds start visiting your balcony as the birds can scare you away from the sound.

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At the initial point, you can use bird sounds to intrigue many birds flying over the garden by the sound of other birds that may encourage them to take a closer look.

The urban areas are usually very dense, where it is difficult for birds to spot your balcony but it is easier to attract any birds by another bird’s sound because they have sharp hearing that can effectively attract them.

Birds at balcony

3. Create a Bird-friendly Environment

It is one of the best ways to attract more birds to your balcony by making your balcony or garden natural to the birds because the feathered creatures love natural environments.

Usually, most birds do not entice to an urban or populated area as the places are not much attractive for them but it doesn’t mean that you cannot attract birds in an urban area.

You can create more buzz than rural areas by providing them with the natural environment and creating such an environment on your balcony. This is because such an environment is not very common in an urban area and if the birds find such a place they attract towards from far away and take a closer look.

Offer suitable perching places, hiding, covering, and resting places in your garden to feel comfortable.

Try to reduce the noise from your house or from the environment to make the place natural. The feathered friends will love the natural corner and feel at home in such a place in the city.

4. Scare Away Large Birds

Small birds usually do not visit where larger birds are feeding. To avoid larger birds to attract smaller birds in your garden. Generally, the balcony is not very large and spacious where you can welcome and accommodate both large and small birds.

Larger birds usually dominate a particular area where they visit regularly, so consider attracting smaller birds to the balcony. If you see a larger bird on your balcony, simply shoo them away to scare them away.

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Using the right type of feed-in is another method for avoiding larger birds. There are several bird feed that is only made for smaller birds. You can consider using sunflower seeds and nyjer seeds to offer food to smaller birds.

These seeds are not much preferred by large birds but small birds like them so it will increase the chances of attracting only small birds to your balcony. You can read more articles to learn more about different seed feeds for smaller bird species.

Seagul sitting on balcony

5. Water Supply

Proper water source is a serious problem in an urban area. The birds usually do not find any natural water source in such areas thus placing a birdbath or any other water source on your balcony is the best way to catch their attention.

The birds require water crucially thus it will play a significant role in attracting birds to an urban balcony or garden. Ensure that the water bath should be clean and refill it with fresh water regularly to avoid diseases.

The birds do not use a birdbath for only bathing but they also drink water from it so keep fresh water in the bath and regularly clean it. You can buy the railbird bath to offer fresh water and a bathing place to the birds in an urban area.

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Interestingly, birds entice with the sound of running or dripping water from far away. As discussed above, they have an astute sense of hearing that helps them to search for a water source from miles away with the help of the sound of dripping water.

If you are a rural resident, you can install a water fountain in your garden but in urban balconies, it is not simple due to limited space, you consider using a DIY solution for making a dripping water bath.

6. Shelter

Offering suitable shelter to the birds is the best option for attracting them to the balcony or garden. The shelter is crucial for many birds to make them feel like a home.

It is not very simple for birds to find shelter and privacy in an urban area, so you can consider offering a birdhouse to the birds visiting your balcony.

A birdhouse is a great option to catch the attention of the feathered creatures and to encourage them to stay on your balcony. There are various designs of birdhouses that also give an aesthetic look to your home and balcony.

Blue tit perching

7. Provide A Perch

It is not possible to plant large trees on the balcony so, you can consider growing small plants or trees and also about placing some fake trees on your balcony. But if you cannot afford all these luxuries, you can search for some other ways to provide perches to the birds.

Generally, birds love tall perching places to rest and perch because that allows them to see around. You can consider installing some garden fences or poles on the balcony to offer them perching sites.

The perching sites should be enough tall and away from the human population as the perches can be ruined if humans are too close. Offering all the above things to the birds will help you to attract birds to your balcony even in an urban area.

Make sure to provide a natural environment to the birds in your garden to make them feel safe so that they will stay there.

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