10 Proven Tips On How To Attract Orioles To Your Yard

How To Attract Orioles To Your Yard

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How To Attract Orioles: All You Need To Know

The word orioles is derived from the Latin word ‘aureolus’, which means golden. The birds are very attractive and are brightly colored. The birds first arrive in the early spring, which is the perfect time for attracting these beautiful creatures.

During spring they complete migration and face cold and tiredness. During this time, the birds need all the help you can give them for building nests and food in their feeding sites. You can see these gorgeous birds during spring and if you want to attract orioles in your yard, follow some tips given in the article.

How To Attract Orioles To Your Yard

i. Use Oriole specific feeders

However, the birds also use the hummingbird feeders but due to their large tongues, they cannot hover around the feeder and often knock them down. So, you should use an oriole-specific feeder for the birds and use the feeder with large perches and drinking spots, so that the birds can easily feed.

The birds have bright and vibrant colors that make them extremely beautiful. They also like colors, so most of the oriole feeders come in bright yellow and orange colors, which attract the birds.

The birds have a large tongue so for feeding and drinking, they require large perches and drinking ports, thus specific feeders are available for them. In such specific feeders, some additional features are also included such as the feeders have places to put a ripe fruit.

How To Attract Birds To Your Birdbath

ii. Add a moving water source

Water is essential for all the birds for avoiding dehydration and also for the maintenance of their health. Orioles also require water. Moving water and shallow dishes especially attract the birds.

If you are willing to welcome these birds, install a birdbath near a feeder so that orioles can conveniently use the water source. The sound of moving water and its sight is loved by orioles. So, you can also use a birdbath with a mister, bubbler, or dripper.

The basins of the birdbath should be 2 or 3 inches deep, where the birds can get a place for bathing and drinking. Always keep clean the water sources and clean debris so that the birds do not get infected by any disease and remain healthy.

iii. Switch to mealworms in summer

During the spring and fall months, the birds require energy for migration, which they get from jelly and fruits. But during the summer months, orioles prefer a more protein-rich diet instead of fruits.

During summers, the birds feed on insects to get additional protein. The birds need extra protein during the summer months for raising their young and for breeding. If orioles appear in your garden, offer more nutritional food to the birds during nesting season.

You can sprinkle mealworms on top of jelly cups that provide them extra nutrition. You can also offer them dried mealworms in a separate cup or tray during the summer months if they do not come for the jelly.

Often orioles also like suet feeders. But ensure that the suet should be offered in small chunks, which the birds can easily nibble. However, in your climate especially during the summer months, suet may not work.

How To Attract Orioles To Your Yard
iv. Right feeder location is the key

When you hang feeders for orioles, remember that they are treetop birds. You should place the feeder inappropriate location such as in the open area so that the birds can observe it while flying over it or when they sit high on their perches.

Orioles are very shy birds and do not like to venture into busy areas. So, place the feeder in a separate area from human activities where the birds feel more secure. In such areas, the orioles can feed in peace and also feel comfortable.

Patience is most important for attracting the birds, keep patience until the birds visit your yard either it takes several seasons or years to have them return.

How To Attract Orioles To Your Yard
v. Add an orange ribbon to your backyard

Like hummingbirds, bright and flashy colors also attract the orioles but unlike hummingbirds, which like red color, orioles are attracted towards orange color. Feeders often take advantage of this fact and use orange.

To catch the eye of any oriole flying over your yard, you can brighten up your garden. You can do this by several methods, such as by tying orange ribbons, strips of cloth, or surveyors tape around bushes, railings, or trees.

You can also tie these things in high branches of the tree to attract orioles. Usually, high canopies are preferred by these birds and when they saw vibrant colors in your yard, they may entice you to visit once in your feeder and your yard.

How To Attract Orioles To Your Yard 3
vi. Offer homemade nectar

However, the metabolic rate of an oriole is not like a hummingbird but you can offer them nectar made of sugar water because they enjoy drinking sugar water for boosting energy. You can also purchase any suitable nectar from the market but you can simply make it at home.

You can also make homemade nectar for both hummingbirds and orioles by using the same recipe. Make the sugar water by adding one part of the sugar in four parts of hot water, which will keep the birds healthy and safe.

Properly stir the mixture and cool it at room temperature. It is not required to add extra sweetener or honey to the mixture. You can also use boiled water to mix sugar in it as it helps to keep the mixture long-lasting.

The mixture can be used for up to a week if you keep it in a fridge. Food colors are not safe for birds so never use them and also keep the nectar fresh.

vii. The secret is to start attracting Orioles early

Timing is the significant factor for attracting orioles to your yard. After migrating at night, the birds are cold and hungry and find a suitable food source for them. Once they find any reliable food source, they stick to it.

If you are trying to attract the birds, put the feeders out at least a week before their spring migration period. As soon as they arrive after migration, if they spot feeders, they are likely to start using them.

But the birds are not likely to use the feeders later if they do not spot them earlier. In the southern states, the birds start arriving during early April and they continue until May in northern states.

So, put your feeders out in late March or early April for attracting the first arrivals. Keep the feeders out until the falls when birds start migrating towards the south again.

You should make your yard a reliable source of food for the birds to maximize the opportunity for observing orioles. The birds will visit the yard year after year by making it reliable.

viii. Tempt with grape jelly

After migration, the birds need a lot of energy. Feed the birds with energy-rich food such as grape jelly. Unlike other fruit-eating birds, the orioles like to eat ripe fruits. They like dark-colored fruit and can be attracted easily by feeding them a small amount of dark jelly made of grapes.

Use a cup or a shallow dish to serve jelly to the birds, but make sure that the feeder should be clean. Like any other food made of sugar, jelly is also easy for molding and attracting other unwanted visitors.

Small tins or plastic lids can be also used for this purpose. But while using such things, make sure to fasten them to something.

You can combine one part of jelly with one part of the water in a blender to make it long-lasting. Blend the mixture until the consistency of jelly become like a thick juice.

Orioles nest
ix. Encourage nesting in your yard

The birds prefer to build their nest in tall deciduous trees. The nests of orioles are remarkable and unique. The birds do not live in birdhouses and make their own nest in your yard.

You can encourage them by providing their nesting material and planting oak, elm, willow, poplar, cottonwood, or similar trees in your garden. The birds make their nest by using plant fibers, strips of bark, grasses, vines, and strings to weave their hanging nest.

You can offer them slender fibers to weave their nest. Materials such as pet fur, hair, or 3 to 4-inch lengths of yarn are suitable for weaving their sock-like hanging nests.

They hang their nests in a height by still orioles re-use the nesting material each year. So, leave old nests for birds from which they get benefit in the next spring.

x. Plant the right flowers

The birds get the best nutrition from native plants and flowers. So, plant native species in your garden for attracting these extremely beautiful creatures. However, you can use a nectar feeder as a supplement but still planting nectar-producing flowers and vibrant orange hues is the best option for attracting orioles in your garden.

The list of native plants is available on the internet. You can find out the plants that can be grown in your area, you can start with daisies that are always safe to start. Native plants provide nectar to the birds and also help them to offer a host of insects that help in pollination.

Insects are also beneficial for birds because they feed on them. You can add garden flags, gazing balls, a painted bench, or decorative trellis to create the landscape more attractive for orioles.

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