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How To Attract Finches: All You Need To Know

A large variety of finches lives in North America. The birds have vibrant colors and creditable beauty. The birds are very social and live in flocks and need a spacious place for living. Thus, vertical cages are not suitable for the finches.

You should take care of the birdhouse and protect them from parrots because parrots can cause harm to these yellow-feathered creatures. So, prevent the attacks of parrots to thrive finches in your yard.

Finche eating black seed

i. Tempt with Fresh Black Seed

Finches do not like brown, stale-looking seeds and are not attracted to such food. So, ensure that the seeds should be strong, black-colored. Finches prefer sunflower seeds and Nyjer seeds in combination.

These seeds have high oil content and are also easy to pick with small beaks of finches. You can offer the birds a daily meal that includes the combination of the above-mentioned seeds if you are willing to attract these feathered friends in your yard all year round.

Many food plants produce the least seeds from November to March, so to avoid food scarcity, stock up these seed combinations during these months.

Finches have a small and clingy body, so sunflower chips, kernels, millets, and Nyjer are the best food option for these birds. You can choose mesh-style and sock–style feeders for the birds that are suitable for the tiny birds.

Finche Feeder

ii. Add Finch Specific Feeders

Feeder tubes, socks, and finch stations are the best feeders for finches. These feeders are specifically designed for finches, thus they are convenient but socks are most comfortable. The seeds inside socks are easily accessible by these little creatures.

Special thistle seed socks are also used by several bird lovers. These feeders are easy to hang and birds extract seeds from between the fibers of the feeder. You can also choose a small tube feeder if you feel inconvenienced in a special sock.

Choosing tube feeders is the best option because the feeders are specially made for small birds and bigger species such as blue jays, red-winged blackbirds, and other bigger birds cannot invade the food from the feeder.

Finche bird bath
iii. Install a Bird Bath

Water is the most important factor for most birds including finches. The birds do not migrate thus stuck in a place throughout the year. So, if you want to attract finches in your yard, have a water source in your yard that does not freeze during winters.

You can also offer a moving water source for finches to attract them. You can also install a birdbath. Some species are migratory thus you should provide them with a water source for their journey.

The species also require water after completing their journey, so providing a water source is essential. Showering is liked by Goldfinches, so you can also add a birdbath that has a mister or dripper. Installing a fountain or a standing bath is also helpful for drawing the yellow finches.

iv. Offer Only Fresh Seed

Most of the birds like fresh seeds that is a significant factor for finches also. Remove all the stale seeds from the feeder before adding new seeds. Regularly check the bird seeds, if they are spoiled, remove them.

You can also use baffles for drying the seeds because goldfinches love fresh and dry seeds. While buying feeders, ensure that the feeders allow air circulation and percent of seeds from molding.

Generally, finches empty only half of the feeder, so before refilling the feeder check the old seeds whether they are spoiled or not also fill the feeder regularly.

In some feeders, an opening is made in the bottom to fill the seeds regularly in the feeder. The way is very useful to fill fresh seeds so that the birds can eat healthy and fresh seeds.

Finche feeding at feeder
v. Add Bright Colored Ribbons to Your Backyard

Like other birds, finches are also extremely sensitive to colors. That means the birds are drawn to such colors, which are not found commonly in nature. Thus, if you want to attract finches in your yard, add some vibrant colored ribbons such as yellow ribbons to the feeder.

The methods help in attracting finches to your yard. The ribbon is lightly weighted thus when the wind blows, ribbons move with the wind. When the bird sees this movement, they feel safe in the feeder because other birds have already explored it and feel secure.

Ribbons attract most birds including oriole and finches. So, wrapping ribbon around pole, tree, and feeder is helpful for attracting finches. These tricks are very useful for attracting finches in your yard.

Finche making nest
vi. Encourage Nesting in Your Yard

Usually taller trees or shaded locations are preferred by Goldfinches. Usually, the nesting season of birds starts later than other species, when their favorite thistles begin to ripe. Thistles are used by females for the lining of their nests and the mating season starts from June to August.

The nests of goldfinches are cup-shaped and vertically structured. The nests have strong support. They prefer buttonbush plants, willow, hawthorn, elderberry, dogwood, and fruits.

If you are willing to raise the chicks of goldfinches, ensure a safe place and security for them. You may provide them cotton supplements for the feeling nest and prefer dandelions ad thistle plants for nesting.

How To Attract Finches
vii. The Location of the Feeder is Key

Don’t leave the feeders in the open which is vulnerable for finches of predation. You can ensure the safety of the birds by placing your feeder near trees and shrubs.

The position of the feeder should be 10 to 12 feet away from the shelter, it ensures the safety of birds and provides time to quickly escape while approaching a predator. Always hang the feeders in height and the height should be higher than the head.

However, finches do not need finches hung under branches but if you have trees in your garden, it increases the chances of attracting the finches in your yard.

If open fields and rivers are present nearby, place the feeders in commonly dwelling areas. Finches are not likely to visit deeply into the forests so spacing trees safely is very easy.

viii. Add Weeds to the Feeders

Feeders did not always serve as a preferred food source for finches. Sometimes, the birds flying over the yard do not spot the feeder as a food source. So, planting natural weeds and plants such as dandelions and thistles is best for drawing the attention of the birds in your feeder.

Most of the time, when a feeder is installed in your yard or your garden, birds cannot recognize the feeder as a stable source of food. Sometimes, it varies when they used to feed on an old one in the same feeding place before.

When they see Dandelions and thistles in the yard, they assure about the feeding source and visit there while exploring and searching the food.

yellow Finche pearching
ix. Add a Perching Stick

Goldfinches live in flocks and while feeding, they wait for each other for feeding first. You should provide them with a comfortable perching or resting place by adding a perch or stick in the yard.

You can add a perching stick, particularly made of rough branches that are suitable for finches’ feet. The rough branches help them in gripping. Before installing a branch as a perching site, clean it thoroughly.

Ensure that the substance should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before introducing something new in your yard for the birds.

You can use a vegetable brush for cleaning the brush and clean it simply with water. You can also use hot water for disinfecting the branch and for cleaning and killing microbes.

How To Attract Finches
x. Lure them with the Right Plants

Many birds like local plant species. Similarly, goldfinches also prefer natural plants, sunflowers, thistle seeds. So, these plants are useful for attracting these birds in your yard. You can encourage various yellow birds by planting these plants in your yard.

Thistle plant seeds are especially loved by goldfinches. Besides these plants, cosmos, cattails, poppies, daisies, marigold, and zinnias are also liked by goldfinches. Like most birds, finches also like sunflower seeds and find them as a treat.

The American Goldfinches especially like the thistle seeds and the seeds are a great favorite of them. If you plant these species in your yard or on the perimeter, a large number of finches are encouraged to visit your yard and befriend you.

A perfect bird feeder can play a significant role in transforming your yard into a popular hangout for the bird’s population. The black-eyed Susan, purple coneflowers, and asters are particularly liked by Yellow finches.

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