07 Proven Tips On How To Attract Doves To Your Yard

Dove resting outside

How To Attract Doves To Your Yard?

Doves are known as one of the most beautiful birds that have several sentimental attachments. The birds are affiliated with positivity, love, and compassion. The birds are quite gentle as their name indicates and while spending time outside, they prefer to explore the ground instead of carrying on in the skies with the same hubris of other bird species.

The birds are quite calm as compared to other birds, thus attracting them and appealing to the birds is easy if you are trying to stop them for a visit. You can easily catch their attention and attract them to your yard if you know that these beautiful birds are prone to navigate your area.

You should have plenty of seeds if you want to attract doves to your property. Offering seeds will help you to catch their attention.

1. Tray feeder

The behavior of doves is very calm and while eating, they love to relax, unlike many other bird species that like wrestling seeds out of the bird feeder. You can consider buying a tray feeder or other comparative feeder to attract the local population of doves so that they can enjoy the delicious seeds purchased by you.

Tray feeder is a suitable choice for doves because they can find a place where landing and pecking away at the food is quite easy. While purchasing a feeder, ensure the structure should be fully supported to ensure the safety of the birds.

The best way to make doves feel secure is to provide them a feeder where landing and feasting on the seeds are safe. So, consider the above tips while using an artificial feeder or other feeding technique to attract doves in your yard.

2. Seeds

Seeds are a favorite meal of doves and their deep love for seeds is well known by bird watchers. However, it doesn’t mean that doves only consume seeds, but seeds are the most preferable food items for these beautiful birds from anything else.

If you are trying to convince the local dove population to come into your yard, offering them delicious seeds is the best way. Black oil sunflower seeds, safflower seeds, and millets are the favorite seeds of doves. You can attract them easily and have new feathered friends in your yard by offering these seeds in their feeder.

3. Trees

Doves and many other birds like trees. Doves are also partial for woods, especially for conifer trees. However, they also like a wide range of other trees, but there are several reasons behind their partiality towards conifers.

The reason includes they get shelter from conifer trees and the large trees and their branches provide them a suitable place for hiding from a bigger bird and a breeze.

During the winter season, when most plants do not produce seeds, plenty of seeds are produced by conifers, which is the big reason for their love for conifers. Thus the birds can get a suitable shelter, resting place, and snacks in an area where conifer trees are found.

Flying Dove

4. Platform for nesting

Being grounded in love by doves, even if they are in the air. The nests of doves are known for requiring support and they prefer some stable structures such as platforms to build their nests, where they can get support and protection.

Doves search for a compact and elevated platform such as a beam or a windowsill to comfortably make their nest in a safe place. The birds use plant pieces and other things to build their nest and the important part is they might have all the things to bring together and build their nest.

You may consider providing them space or a platform where they can build their nest. Make sure that the place should be covered and secure, which is the best way to appease the doves found in your area.

5. Water

Like many other birds, doves are also like a birdbath. Provide them with a shallow birdbath or a puddle, which is suitable and comfortable for doves. Ensure the water supply in your birdbath because doves like a place, which is quite sturdy to land.

You can also consider providing them an area or a ledge for standing and approaching the water comfortably. The birds have calm nature and they like to do all the activities at their own pace.

6. Food on plate

Many bird species like to enjoy wrestling seeds out of the bird feeder but unlike these, doves prefer to relax while feeding due to their calm nature. If you are trying to catch the attention of the local dove population, offer them delicious seeds in a tray feeder.

You can also consider purchasing a tray or other comparative feeder in which doves can land easily and consume the tasty meals that you offered them. The birds can scare away in less supported feeders, so ensure the structure of the feeder should be fully supported.

The best way to attract them is to make them feel safe and secure in your feeder if you are using an artificial tray feeder. The feeder should be sturdy so they can land comfortably and eat the seeds below.

7. Food in abundance

Doves know very well what they like and they are not problematic in having the available food. You should support their lifestyle choices if you are trying to attract doves in your yard. The birds require plenty of seeds and they feed on anything available for them.

The birds are very hungry and they linger around you until you offer them more seeds. So, consider buying seeds in bulk to maintain the proper food supply for the dove population found in your area.


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What do Doves eat?

Doves are one of those birds, which are famous for their surprising beauty and tranquillity, therefore the primary food source of these creatures is made of seeds. Unlike many other birds, the birds do not spend much time hunting and searching for insects while flying.

Instead of flying, doves prefer hopping on the ground and foraging their favorite, tasty seeds and other plant matter from the environment. The birds are granivores and like eating a good meal of seeds.

To find their favorite seeds, doves calmly hop around the block, thus you can offer them their favorite seeds if you want to catch their attention. It is a suitable way to attract doves to your garden.

Where can you find doves?

Doves are classified into many types and each type is more endearing than the other one. Due to the expansive list of varieties of doves, it is not surprising to see variations in their types all over the planet.

Many of these varieties of doves are traveling throughout the world and where they go, people love them. The birds are distributed worldwide and there are chances that you can find them in your area as long as the temperature of your area is not too extreme.

Extreme cold and heat are avoided by doves, otherwise, the birds love exploring places and can be found anywhere.

How many types of doves are in the USA?

As discussed above, the list of types of doves is very expansive and you can see them almost everywhere in the world. However, it doesn’t mean that all types of doves can be seen everywhere, some types are specific to some places.

More than fifteen native types of doves are native to North America alone and inhabit the states of North America. Release Doves are common in the region and most people think about them, the birds are also known as rock doves.

The birds are common due to their use in ceremonies. Besides them, Turtle doves are also an inhabitant of North America and are commonly known in the areas.

The Common Ground-Dove, Mourning Dove, Inca Dove, and Caribbean Dove are other popular dove species found in North America. However the body type of all the doves is specific, but the types differ in their color and pattern.

How do doves know how to return home?

Doves are intelligent and they are capable to return home. The birds are known for their ability and they use several techniques to get home back. For navigation around the planet, the birds use electromagnetic fields and the method is also used by many other birds during migration.

However, doves are known to use the electromagnetic field in a more specific way and return to a specific location after traveling far distances. The birds also use visual landmarks for navigation and are capable to recognize where they are and where they are headed.

Why do doves represent peace?

During religious points in history, the birds have historical significance as a representative of peace. In Christianity, Christian belief systems use doves to represent the soul, and often they are represented as a symbol of peace. The pair of doves is also used to symbolize love, which people associate as being the ultimate factor to finding peace.

Why do doves coo?

The cooing noise made by doves is known by most bird watchers, but it has many variations. Mostly, male doves make these noises and used them for communication with female doves. Male doves use the cooing noise to attract a mate or call their mate back home. The birds also coo to attract a lucky girl and it is also considered as a method for convincing them to come on over.

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