Do Pigeons Eat Other Bird Eggs?

Do Pigeons Eat Other Bird Eggs?

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Yes, the pigeons eat other bird eggs but at the last resort when they do not have the food source is available.

The Real World and the Food Chain

There are a number of diferent species and breeds of pigeons which exists in many different regions. The larger birds will pick off smaller birds for their meals and the same goes with the birds that are much closer in size. The birds like seagulls and pigeons may not necessarily matched the battle.

Now the common question which arises is that the same pattern would occur when the bird eat bird analogy to their eggs. The answer which we get is yes , but there are a few different factors that can be considered if anyone get the full picture of that particular situation.

Do Pigeons Eat Other Bird Eggs?

Do Pigeons Eat Their Own Eggs?

The pigeons that eat their own egg is not a regular behaviour but it is under circumstances that pigeons eat their own eggs. The circumstances are also applicable to wild pigeons. The domesticated pigeons rarely eat their own eggs.

It can only happen when there is hard winter or extreme weather conditions when there is no chance of food sources. If the pigeons are starving and their survival is instincts are very low only in that particular case it will break open and eat their own eggs.

If that is very much needed than the parent pigeon will sacrifice its won eggs in order to gain the nutrition and continue to protect its remaining eggs.

Do Pigeons Eat Other Bird Eggs?

The pigeons are not known for this kind of activity of stealing another birds’ eggs.But the pigeons do have the capability of swooping in to steal eggs of another bird`s eggs. Overall, the wild pigeon is a very docile bird as compared to other breeds of birds.

The best example for this is corvids which are best known as raiders. If the wild pigeon is getting all the food on a woodland floor such as grains, berries,fruits ,greens, insects, and seeds than there is no need for the pigeons to steal the nest eggs.

In general, the diet of a pigeon is granivorous so that’s why they do not have a natural inclination to add eggs to their daily meals.

Do Pigeons Eat Other Bird Eggs?
Last Resort Behaviour

The pigeon`s behaviour is generally seen and observed that they do not steal and eat the eggs. They can do anything and everything for the survival. If the pigeon have the various food options available, the pigeons will not choose eggs they will choose another food options.

Pigeons are not humans they do not have the emotional connect with the unhatched egg. As compared to other animals , they just see a potential type of food that might be able to provide them with sustenance.

According to the pigeon`s diet, eggs might not be that harmful in any way. The nutrients in an egg can prove to be great, beneficial addition to the pigeon diet. But once the evolution occurs, the pigeons may develop the natural tendency for eating these eggs on regular basis.

Do Pigeons Destroy Eggs?

The question which arises here is that will the pigeons deliberatly destroy the eggs of another bird without the intention of using them for food ? The answer to this query would be very unlikely , it would rarely happen that pigeons are destroying the eggs of another bird and eating those eggs.

Animals and birds are not emotionally attached to the unhatched eggs just like the humans do.The pigeons perform actions only when there is a good reason to perform those actions.

If the pigeon`s behaviour is seen they will not intentionally destroy the eggs which they are not planning to eat as well. The pigeons are not specifically territorial like the species of another breed, the main reason because of which the pigeon will attack another bird`s nest is that they will gain nutrients from that particular egg.

In a nutshell, the pigeon will on occasion be tempeted to eat eggs from the nest that isnt it own , but it will always be as a result of extreme hunger or call it as starvation and the need on the bird`s part. This is not a natural part of the pigeon`s behaviour and there are many food sources that they will attempt to seek out first.

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