Do Pigeons Eat Fruit? All You Need To Know

Pigeon Eating Fruit

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Depending on the nature of the pigeon beak, they can eat the fruits. They are not able to eat every type of fruit.

It has been assumed that urban pigeons will eat practically anything but this case is not always true as pigeons will eat anything that are easily accessible to their beak.

There are some foods that are very difficult for the pigeon to pick up as their beaks are designed in that way. Moreover, pigeons have no teeth and their beaks are not able to cut the or rip the motion. The fruits that pigeons eat are very limited.

Why Pigeons Eat Fruit

Do Pigeons Eat Fruit?

Yes, pigeons do eat fruits. Also, there are some pigeons whose diet has developed entirely on the fruit -based. There are pink-necked green pigeons that love to eat figs.

The pigeon`s beak is designed in this way that it is very difficult for them to engage in any major kind of biting or ripping of food items. The pigeons won`t find tucking into a ripe apple just like the way the large animals do.

The kind of fruits the pigeons in wild like to eat are small berries on the trees and bushes. Among a long list of fruits, berries are the ones that are very popular among the pigeons. Other similar sized and soft options like grapes, blueberries and olives.

This does not mean that pigeons are unable to explore other types of fruits, they do it with some assistance from their owner. Other fruits like apples, bananas and other larger fruits are all fine for a pigeon to eat. With the help of beak they chop the fruits into smaller pieces.

Pigeons opt for grains, seeds and nuts as compared to fruits. Most of them choose vegetables over fruits. A range of leafy vegetables like spinach, kale and lettuce are thrown in few portions and that to attached to the stalks which the pigeon enjoy try to tear apart with their beak.

Pigeons Eating

What Fruits Should Pigeons Avoid?

There are a majority of fruits that are absolutely fine for the pigeons. But still some fruits should be avoided to maintain the health of the pigeons.

Some fruit seeds also contain toxic chemicals. For example, apple seeds contain small amount of cyanide that not bother the humans but cause gut irritation in the pigeon.

The fruits that should be avoided from feeding the pigeons are greengages, apricots, red cherries, black cherries, peaches, plums, pears and nectarines. Although the fruits are chopped into small amounts, the pigeons access to chew on their seeds, pits and stones.

Avocado should not be offered to birds as this food is very toxic. This food item is very trendy for breakfast item for humans but it can be harmful for the birds.

Avocados contain persin, a substance that is fine for the human digestive system but it is very toxic for pigeons. If pigeons eat large amount of persin-packed avocado , it will fatally poison the pigeon or even cause cardiac or respiratory arrest.

Pigeons looking Eat to eat

Take Away Message

The pigeons can eat the fruits. If the fruits are chopped into smaller pieces the pigeons find it very comfortable to eat.

The pigeons should avoid apple seeds and avocados at all costs. The pigeons enjoy the diet as well which includes a variety of tasty fruits as well as other things that pigeons love to eat.

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