Do Pigeons Eat Corn? All You Need To Know

Do Pigeons Eat Corn

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Do Pigeons Eat Corn?

The answer to this question is yes, pigeons eat corns. Corns are considered as a great food especially for pigeons and the reason behind this is it supplies them with all the essential nutrients they need.

It is always kept in mind that the pigeons are not overfeed with corn as it may lead to excessive weight gain if it is consumed in high quantities. It is not that expensive and is readily available.

Do Pigeons Eat Corn

The Pigeon Diet

The most thing that pigeon owner have to understand is that they should keep the pigeons healthy and happy. Especially in the case where the pigeon owners are raising them for show or racing. The owners have the basic understanding of what to feed the pigeons and what don’t have to.

The pigeon diet is a matter of opportunistic feeding, but those who are keeping birds as pet there is a much more to learn on this topic. The pigeons are granivorous bird and the pigeon`s diet include grains, seeds, grasses, berries and nuts.

The pigeon owners have the widely accepted and in-depth knowledge but the diet and nutrition they need is much more complicated as easy it is looking. The one should always read the ingredients labels of any proprietary food that the bird feeders buy.

The one should also know that it meets their nutritional requirements. Some of the feed mixes that are available in market are generally of low quality and they do not provide all the nutrients and vitamins that a pigeon needs. High- quality mixes will lead to address the overall nutrition. The most nutritional needs are been satisfied by bird pellets.

One of the common ingredients in feed mixes is shelled corn. Whereas unshelled corns are not always so friendly because pigeon`s beak will able to contain soft kernels or even flakes of corn.

Do Pigeons Eat Corn

Why is Corn Good for Pigeons?

Corn is one such food that contain a high number of nutrients and they are very beneficial for pigeons. It is high in fat as compared to other food that the pigeons consume regularly.

This high food content will lead to extra weight in pigeons and this will keep them insulated and comfortable during the winter season. Corns boasts a number of health benefits and some of the list of nutritional makeup of corns are:

  • Beta Carotene: Is one such nutritional makeup that is helpful in maintaining the eyesight of a pigeon. Eyesight is of utmost importance.
  • Fibre: This is also an important part of pigeon`s diet because the pigeon`s digestive system operates efficiently.
  • Protein: The protein in pigeon`s diet is important to encourage the growth and proper maintenance.
Do Pigeons Eat Corn
What Time Of The Year Should Pigeons Eat Corn?

Corn is one such food that can be recommended during the winter season. When the temperature starts to drop , pigeons proton extra weight to stay as insulated as possible.

One of the easiest way to do this course is by eating fatty food and the corns are on the higher end spectrum when we talk about fatty foods that are very good for pigeons to consume.

The fats that are present in corns are considered as healthy fats. It is very crucial for them to bulk up for the winters but the birds don’t need to be insulated when they become so large in summers.

Every living creature don’t need too much of the fat so it is advisable to maintain the right balance. The good way to ration the corn is to serve the birds with popcorn.

Corn is one of the healthy food for pigeons and is also an inexpensive food with a number of health benefits and it should be fed by pigeons in winter season or we can say in colder months.

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